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venerdì 25 marzo 2016












Following the first successful edition, we are keen on presenting the second edition of the so-called “Bando FuoriRotta”,  the call for proposal for the granting of support to unconventional travels.

The project “FuoriRotta” is meant to encourage the reflection on the right to travel in this time of great contradiction between global communications on the one hand and increased borders on the other.

We firmly think that it is important now more than ever to emphasize the meaning of travelling as way of experiencing the knowledge of the Other, but also as a rendezvous of viewpoints and as an opportunity to open up our minds and overcome barriers.

We did it and we will do it by recounting our own travels and those of the travellers we’ve got in touch with, but we mostly want to do it by encouraging new “off-road” (“FuoriRotta”) travellers, who should be ready to undertake unconventional travel experiences and move towards unusual directions, in non-conformed ways and through unexpected lands and stories.

Matteo Calore, Simone Falso e Andrea Segre




The call for proposals for the granting of support for the fulfilment of unconventional travels within the project FuoriRotta is aimed at identifying original travel projects, which are expected to be developed on free travel routes (any starting point and destination are possible) and supported by strong research motivations. The ideal candidates endeavour to cover a research path, which will lead them to become aware of the features of foreign cultures, customs and daily life and get directly to the heart of a socio-cultural, economic, political and environmental context, which is really different from their own backgrounds.



The call for proposals is addressed to men and women aged 18-30, with no nationality restrictions.

The application may be submitted individually or by a group of up to 5 travellers. In this second case, a member of the group will act as a contact person for the application’s submission and for the management of the group in case of selection. In case of particular and appropriately documented motivations, the Commission may select even projects submitted by a group of more than 5 travellers.

FuoriRotta will select between 5 and 15 winners and between 5 and 15 special mentions. The winners will receive financial support, according to the funds collected during the fund-raising campaign connected to the project and depending on the Jury’s decision, whereas the projects that will be awarded a special mention will take part in the crowd-funding campaign hosted by the website (more info at “Crowd-funding campaign”).



Projects must be submitted at the link no later than April 15th, 2016, 12.00 am (Italian local time).

The selection will be made public on the website on May, 16th, 2016.

The selected journeys will take place between July 1st, 2016 and October 31st, 2016 (possible changes may be allowed in case of special project conditions).

The journey duration is completely up to the candidates, but it must be well justified as explained under “Features of Eligible Projects”.



The so-called FuoriRotta journeys do not need long-distance destinations, but deep curiosity leading to experiences, people and cultures that are far from the candidates’ daily life from an anthropological or even environmental point of view. In this perspective, the accurate choice and description of the ways and means of travel will play an important role in the selection of the best projects since “FuoriRotta” endeavours to contrast the standard idea of packaged tours, where pseudo-travellers are forced to the reassuring but somehow motionless condition of being tourists. Therefore, slow transfers, either by land or by sea, will be preferred to fast commonly used means of transport. The choice of resting places and hospitality facilitations (or at least some hypothesis concerning these topics) will likewise play an important role for the Jury. In fact, the places where the travellers sleep, eat and have a break during their journeys often represent key points in the journey’s potentiality to serve as a vehicle for creating awareness about different cultures.

The duration of the journey will not be preconceived, but the candidates are expected to take particular care of the time of the experience – and not just of the one of the transfers – during the planning phase. At the same time, the economic sustainability of the journey should be taken into account carefully. The objective of the support granted by the project “FuoriRotta” to the selected project consists in fact in placing the travel experience, along with its sharing, at the very heart of the journeys, thus avoiding the preponderance of consumptions. Therefore, projects displaying reasonable and sustainable budgets, basing just on the specific and real necessities of the proposed travels, will be appreciated. The envisaged budgets may vary from 500.00 to 1,500.00 Euro, to be intended as a suggestion.

During the selection stage, the Jury will define the amount to be granted to the winners according to the funds raised and to the proposed project’s own features and real needs. This may imply a partial coverage of the proposed budget, that could be reached by taking part in the crowd-funding campaign hosted by the website



This year the submission must be completed on-line at the link

Once the applicant has completed his or her personal data, he or she will have to attach the following documents:

- [compulsory] Description of the project (doc, txt o pdf, max 8.000 characters – spaces included), specifying the following contents:

  • brief presentation of the idea
  • motivation and expectations
  • description of the destination(s)
  • description of the route and of the travel modalities
  • list and concise description of the places of rest and their specific category and features
  • identification of the narrative code in which the story is expected to be told (see point “Obligations of selected candidates”)
  • estimate budget

– [optional] Max 5 images, including pictures, maps, drawings … (jpg, max 2.000 px)

- [optional] Max 1 audiovisual file (.mov or .mpeg 720p, max 5 minutes)

– [compulsory] Short CV of the applicant(s) (max 1 page for each person)

– [optional] Reference to other documented travel experiences or different types of experience account that could serve as a sample to define the applicant’s narrative potentialities  (link to videos, picture galleries, story boards…).

As for the documentation, FuoriRotta encourages the applicants to choose original and non conventional report options, such as object collections, illustrations, vocal records, etc.

All documents should be submitted either in Italian or English (if the audio-visual document is produced in a different language, subtitles in Italian or English are required).



The winning projects will be reviewed and selected by a Jury of 6 travellers that took part in the first edition, 1 member of the staff, 1 juror selected by Montura, 1 juror selected by Internazionale, 1 member selected by Associazione Culturale Khorakhané and 1 member selected by Associazione Culturale CLAB.

The names of the members of the Jury will be published on the website by April 15th, 2016.



The winners and the candidates that will receive the special mentions will have the opportunity to complete their own fund-raising by participating in the crowd-funding campaing hosted by the website

The campaign will be opened on June, 1st, 2016 and closed on July, 1st, 2016. By May, 28th, 2016, the coordinators of each project will have to provide the staff with brief promotional materials to be published on-line.

During the crowd-funding campaign, the members of each project as well as external people interested in supporting them can organize fund-raising events in collaboration with FuoriRotta.



Selected applicants are expected to confirm their intention to make the proposed journey by May 23rd, 2016 and must take on the commitment of producing some promotional materials for the crowd-funding campaing by May, 28th, 2016.

During the journey, the selected applicants are expected to produce materials describing the project selected and supported by FuoriRotta, by using any expressive code and according to the schedule agreed upon before the departure.

The travel stories produced and shared by the travellers may be published by FuoriRotta on the project’s official website or on the other communication channels and platforms connected to the project. Nevertheless, the authors will always be the owner of the copyrights.

At the end of the journey, the selected applicants will have to provide the staff with a complete and detailed report on the experience, according to the instructions given before the departure.